Friday, January 28, 2011

FEB. 11th - and it felt like a kiss

Come out Feb. 11th from 6-9pm! I'm part of a great show with my two good friends, Nora and Leah. It's at Incline Gallery on Valencia between 18th and 19th ave.
Hope you can make it!

love making

From Adobe Books to 111 Minna

This past year has truly been amazing.It started off with my Adobe Books show. I still can't believe I had a show there. So much history, so much love. I still tear up thinking about what a great experience I had and will always cherish.
Towards the middle of the year things changed, not for the worst but for the better. I got a new job, FINALLY, and I feel much better! Now I have time to draw and be happy.
At the end of the year I was in 2 amazing shows. One of them was at 111 Minna.
I got to be part of an awesome show and what made it even sweeter was that I was showing my work with someone I admire dearly, Jeremy Fish.
Thank you 2010. Mi amor, mi corazon.

gift sets

these are some of the notebooks I printed over christmas. I have calendars too!